Working Mothers : 3 Programs every workplace shall provide to you

“Goldman Sachs has become the first company in the UK to pay to transport new mothers’ breast milk home back to their babies if they are travelling for work.

The investment bank has offered to pay for breastfeeding employees in both America and Britain to use a courier service for their expressed milk.”   –



How I wish, we have programs like these for #workingmothers in India!

Forget about shipping Breast milk to Baby, most of the Indian companies don’t even have programs such as Pumping rooms too.

Though Many companies like Accenture have started providing Daycare or Childcare provision in the campus only, there’s still a long list of those who haven’t.

We working mothers must have these 3  provisions in offices :


1) Child-Care or Day Care Facility

 Child Care Program for working mothers

This will help new working mothers raise children without sacrificing their careers as many women are compelled to give up working to raise their children.

It won’t be the same if they can bring their child to the office and can work worry-free.

2) Pumping rooms

Pumping Rooms Program for working mothers


Providing this is not only kind to working mothers but also simply a smart business move.

It would help new mothers to pump milk at work and send or bring back same to Baby, hence motivating them to stay in office to work.

3) Work-from-home option

work from home Program for working mothers



Company shall allow mothers to work from home if possible and whenever urgent.No doubt the babies need mothers the most but also, visiting doctor only for an hour shall not result in hampering whole day productivity for a working mother.

These provisions would increase retention and productivity and also show the company’s commitment towards working families.”Hopefully, with progressive steps such as increasing maternity leave tenure, the government can help more women take up and retain their careers.

Do you also think that if provided these provisions, more women would like to rejoin work after baby?

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