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Screen Time for Toddlers

  • Children are the keys of paradise.
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Her Son wasn’t interested in having his favorite meal. His daughter, she too wasn’t paying attention to her offer of going out to the amusement park. This is because of screen time addiction.

Screen Time

Because playing games online & watching barbie movie on mumma’s phone is more interesting to them. They like it more than going out or to create their childhood to cherish forever. But spending quality time with your kids whether you’re a working mom or stay at home mom is important.

Kids are spending more time than ever in front of screens. Regular access to phones is making them believe what is shown on screen – Relevant or not. At the age of learning, exploring & recognizing real emotions, they are imitating screen characters. This way number of reel characters are increasing in our real life. We are missing the real superheroes, artists, in short our own innocent & pure heart children.

Common Problems kids face due to more screen time are as follows :

  • Childhood obesity
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Less Energy
  • Hard time in outside world
  • Exposed to not age appropriate commercials, advertisement & Propaganda.

But at last they are kids & especially they are our kids, so we only need to help them.

Here are few tips to control the screen time for your kid :

  • You Are The Parent
    Make a tough decision to limit unhealthy Behavior & encourage healthy ones by explaining them why you have made the decision.
  • Set Screen Time
    Don’t turn off these things completely as they are addicted to it & they will take time to overcome their addiction.set their screen or view time.
    Ex:they can view one show after school & one after work ( as an example).
  • Encourage other activities
    Few recommendations are Book reading, indoor games, art supplies etc
    Observe & encourage the one which they like most.
  • Play with them
    Get down on the floor. They will like it most if you do so & will even forget their screen time. You need to show your selfless love to your lil ones to win their hearts.
  • Show Interest in their lives
    In spite of easily turning on the television to make things easy,get involved in their lives.Observe, ask,Listen & Parent.

Hope following my few tips would help to start cutting off their screen time to at least half.

I know that Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience. 



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