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One and Two years old Gift guide.

As you know, My not so little babe has her second birthday this month. As a mother, it’s such a conflicting feeling to be so excited for new developments and exciting changes… yet also mourning the heartbreaking reality that she won’t stay baby forever.

As I’m preparing for her birthday and thinking about gifts for her, I realized that she has EVERYTHINGShe has tons of super cool clothes and interesting toys and books that she knows how to use those. She also has practical things like a car seat or stroller.

Obviously, since she’s still a little girl, she doesn’t know or care that it’s her birthday; and certainly doesn’t expect anything. But we want to make it a special event nonetheless. And especially get the older people involved in blessing her on her birthday.

While we are keeping things minimal and mostly sentimental/homemade, I have been looking online and ordered a couple small things. And I thought if i had so much trouble coming up with gifts for a 2-year-old and last year (1-year-old), surely there are others too. So I saved a few of my favorite non-battery-powered gifts for one-year-olds and two-year-olds that are super cute and fun for baby to share with you!

 *************      One-year-old     *****************

 1.Bead Maze

2.Pip Squeeze



 3 . Zoom around walker

4.Busy play

5. Mega Blocks

6.Magnetic blocks                                                                                                           


 7.Bath Toys



8.Tunnel Toy





    10.Musical chair




 *******         Two years old         ********


1. Educational Bead Maze

2.Play dough

3.Busy Books




  5.Constructive  Playthings

6.Go Fishing

7.Water wow


    8.Tent House

9.Pretend to play toys                                                                                                           

   10. Drum                                   



That’s all I got for you all.  That’s a decent amount of gift ideas for one-year-old and two-year-olds, Right?

Please comment below if you have other brilliant ideas as gifts for babies and toddlers! And please let me know if your little one loves one of these items as much as mine does! Good luck with the TWOS! We’re in this together!











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