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Baby Wearing…Mom! Hold me close enough to kiss …

So,Finally on 11th Aug ,I was gifted as a reward from the lord to my beautiful mother.i remember, she was exhausted in the labor room and still she managed to ask  the same  question to the Gynecologist  -Is it a girl ? .she nodded her head in was so relaxed hearing it that she didn’t even bother to have my first look. 😮


She knew i’m the princess she wished for.she just thanked god for everything.(those who read the previous blogs know i am the wish ,which came true for her).

Like a first time mumma,she was very possessive about me.she wanted to do even the smallest task related to me by herself , in spite of knowing that this could take a toll on her health.i was already keeping her busy enough  but mom being an active woman in other fields too ,this was becoming monotonous for her.hence ,she started getting depressed as she wasn’t able to do both simultaneously baby care and getting  some time for her . 🙁

Then on one fine day, she was added to a mommies group by one of her mommy friend ,which  acted as a  savior for her when she had become a zombie because of me fighting sleep  however hard she tries to make me sleep and late night or whole night nursing sessions. :p

From the same group she got an invite to go for a baby wearing workshop which was to be held in E Square mall .She had no clue about this concept but she took it as an opportunity to meet other moms as well as going out with me to a place other than hospital or clinic.(i was just 45 days young).


Mom says it was a turning point in her motherhood journey which had just helped her to keep me close and safe as no one gets in my face when mom  wears me unlike in stroller or pram where other aunties or didis stop and coo or rub a hand or touch my head.even i didn’t like them doing so but my mom used to give a short derisive laugh and warn them not to repeat it.

BW(Babywearing) made mom comfortable enough to go out frequently whenever and wherever she likes to without worrying about the crowd as she knew i was safe and close to her heart in real too.she resumed her work and started coaching for few hours carrying me in the carrier.


She chose an ergonomic carrier and uses it quite often.when i was 1.5 months, mom tucked me into the infant insert and still continues to use the same minus insert(i can control my head now).She loves her KOLKOL Baby carrier.


Mom wants to update you all about this Baby wearing concept as mom believes, this is something every mom must have. 😀

Here she goes…

* Hey fellow moms..hope you’re enjoying the motherhood roller-coaster.

There are lots of benefits of baby wearing and it’s a blessing to us..

1)Snuggles and Bond with the baby : Keeping our loved ones close makes the bond more strong.

2)Hands free and convenient : Carrying  him in a carrier not arms keep your hands free.

3)Calm Baby : If you hold the baby close ,he’s more calm.

4)Nurse in public – It also makes it convenient to nurse the baby in public.

5)Physical Development – It helps the baby to regulate his own physical response and exercises his vestibular system,which controls balance.

6)Weight gain : They say that Premature baby those are touched or held,gain weight faster than others.

7)Safe baby : It keeps the baby safe from unknown world or crowd.

8)Calories : Wear the baby  & go for a walk along with weight lifting.

9)Father baby bonds -It’s a useful tool for family members to start bonding with baby.


10)Shopping : Can easily push the grocery cart while you shop

11)Social events -No need to worry about people smothering your baby’s face with kisses.


12)Play – Strap the younger one and play with the elder one.

13)Travel – Wearing the baby is easier than pushing the stroller.


14)Work : Just wear your baby and get anything done.

15)Resume life – Helps you to resume your life with a new companion close to you.


Note :Make sure the baby is positioned an ergonomic carrier.

There are many types of carriers -SSC(Soft structure carriers) are common and comes in styles by different makers.My KOLKOL is a Buckle ona nd i like it for the ease and convenience.I just have to put it on and click.

Wraps are of different lengths and kinds and types of materials , like light materials for hotter months.Other varieties in this are half buckle,ring slings ,pouches etc

The above ones comes in different styles ,i prefer the buckle one as i trust buckle more than my tying abilities.

In India where Saree is our traditional dress,Baby wearing can be done for free too.For this you shall have a stretchable cotton saree(but you need an expert guidance and lots of practice for correct positioning and safety of baby).

*The cost for these starts from INR 1500+ to 3000+ or would be more expensive depending on the size,material ,type you choose.these are sold mostly online and some brands have few retailers too

*Know which carrier/sling/wrap is good for your family/budget /fit for baby and your back.

*For more information you can join various Baby wearing Facebook groups or may contact a sling library in your city.

Because a Child might not know which direction,he is going but when he’s attached to you,he doesn’t feel lost.

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Good info about baby wearing


thanks Ruchika : * it’s actually a boon to moms 🙂