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Helmet or Hell met!!! what would you Prefer?

Death toll of helmet-less riders in two-wheeler accidents rises to 195

This highlights the fact that most two-wheeler riders in the city continue to ignore their safety, despite the threat to their life and limbs, by refusing to wear the protective headgear.


Source: Indian Express    /


In spite of Regular warnings by Government, spreading awareness about our Safety, we still see so many riders and pillion rides riding bikes without Helmet, which is a threat to their lives.


Some people don’t wear one because they like to show off and some are really lazy enough to remember carrying one and some find it tough to carry it everywhere but what they don’t remember is that they’ll be able to do all of these if they are alive and well.

Someone said it correctly that if you want to change the world, start by yourself.

Kids learn more by observing than teaching or forcing them.

So I started showing my 18 months daughter that how and why we shall wear helmet while riding bikes or if she is a pillion rider and would like to share the same through this blog to encourage this practice of following the safety rules from childhood only.

  • Show her rhymes/Videos which encourages people to wear helmets.
  • Take her to skating rings or park where she can see kids wearing the same and talk about it.
  • Always wear a Helmet while driving or even if you’re a pillion rider. You’re the one whom she imitates.
  • IMG-20180330-WA0006
  • Last but not the least, make her wear one.
  • IMG-20180330-WA0011



Helmets are compulsory for riding bikes and recommended for riding skateboards and scooters. Wearing a helmet will help protect your child against serious head injuries.

Here are tips for finding the safest helmet for bikes and scooters:


  • The provisions of section 129 MVA’88 require the protective headgear to conform to the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards..
  • Take your child with you when buying a helmet to make sure it’s properly fitted.
  • Do the ‘push test’ to make sure the helmet is a snug fit. If you can push the helmet backwards, forwards or sideways once you’ve done up the clips, it’s too big.
  • Don’t buy a second-hand helmet – there’s no way of knowing if the previous owner has damaged it in an accident.
  • Always replace helmets after an impact or accident.


Hope my blog helps you to choose a suitable helmet for you and your family safety.


                                      Happy and Safe Riding  🙂

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True. Home is the place where we should start the change.


Exactly.we shall always practice what we preach 🙂


Excellent write-up, a very informative post. Often i have noticed people on road without helmet i hope everyone follows these


yes.everyone’s for our own safety.

Arpna Vidushi

good read. I always encourage my son to wear helmet. if he refuses i tell him i am not taking him out.

Guest’s a must.even my daughter loves to wear her princess printed pink helmet. 🙂