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Hair care tips

5 Hair Care tips for a busy mother
I take care of everyone before i take care of yourself. However, putting a little time and effort into my hair makes me feel great. The tips included here are easy things you can also do to transform the look and feel of your hair.
I’m a busy Indian mother, but i still want to look best.And for this,i work for it,be it my body or Hair.
Use my hair care tips to get your hair look healthy again!
1. Make water your friend.
Amongst all the other benefits of drinking water ,one most important is – it hydrates the hair,strengthens strands and make them strong enough to grow.
2. Wash them alternate day or once in 3 days.
I wash my hair every third day(long hair).if your hair becomes greasy till then,it’s the natural oil which passes down to your locks to keep them getting dry.
3.Use warm to cold water for hair wash .
Use cold(if you can’t) or warm water .Warm
water helps in shampooing but cold water helps in closing the cuticle ,and allowing moisture (conditioner) to stay with the hair.
Tip- Start with warm water and slowly switch to cold water for hair wash.
4. Take Supplements(if needed)
In Today’s surroundings ,you probably won’t get all nutrients you need, from your healthy diet too.
so,you can consider taking supplements. it actually works.
5. Rub in some Hair oil
Oiling is really good for hair, it provides the moisture our hair need.
if i plan to wash my hair on weekday,I apply coconut oil and leaves it overnight,
But i take special care of my hair on weekend.
Here’s how i make weekend special hair oil.
Ingredients needed
Organic Castor oil
Organic Coconut oil
Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
How to make oil…
Step 1 -Take an iron vessel.
Step 2 – Put and mix all the ingredients together.
Step 3 – Put the vessel on flame
Step 4 – Bring it to boil and simmer until black residue forms.
Step 5 – Switch off the flame.
Step 6 – let it cool.
Step 7 – Bring it to boil and simmer until black residue forms.
Step 8 – store it in a container after straining.
Tip – I also mix Egg white or aloevera while using this oil.

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Thanks for the hair oil recipe! My hair is so curly and it gets dry easily. Will definitely try.