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Diwali Story

Let’s learn why do we celebrate Diwali every year.

Many years ago, There was a king named Rama who had a beautiful wife Sita. Prince Rama was a great warrior. There was another demon king – Ravana. He had 10 heads and 20 arms.

People were feared of Ravana throughout the land. He wanted to make Rama’s wife Sita as his wife. One day he took her away in his chariot by kidnapping her.

Sita was very clever. She left a hint for Rama to follow and reach where Ravana took her. She left a piece of jewellery.

It helped Rama as he followed the trail til he met Hanuman. Hanuman was a monkey who became Rama’s best friend and offered to help find Sita.

He sent the message of Sita getting kidnapped among all monkeys in the world. Those monkeys spread the words to all the bears in the world. Later they all set out to find Sita.

Longtime flew away, then Hanumana found Sita. She was imprisoned in an island. It was difficult to reach the island. So, they started building a bridge. All the large and small animals came to help them to build the bridge. Once it was done, they all rushed to save Sita.

Diwali rhymes in Hindi

Diwali rhymes in English

After fighting a mighty battle, Ravana was killed. Rama killed him with his magic arrow. It was all happiness around. Everyone rejoiced. They all began their journey back to their homeland. Everyone lit oil lamps to guide them and welcome them back.

Since then, We lamp diyas at Diwali to remember the triumph of good over evil.

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