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Hand-foot-mouth disease 0

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

  (image source – health hub)     The onset of monsoon or climate change has increased the number of cases of Hand-Foot-mouth Disease.   What is Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease? What are the symptoms, treatments,...


My freedom wishlist as a mother

If you’re a mom, who has a different definition of Freedom like me and also feel that your little human whom you produced dominates you all the time, then give me a high -five...


One and Two years old Gift guide.

As you know, My not so little babe has her second birthday this month. As a mother, it’s such a conflicting feeling to be so excited for new developments and exciting changes… yet also...


Birthday Party games Ideas !

Children Party Game ideas So, Little E is turning 2 next month and me being a #Busyworkingmother is struggling to make her Birthday fun, entertaining and also memorable for us and for everyone who’ll...