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Baby Shower Wishes, Ideas, Decorations, Invitations and Gifts

This blog is written in my “baby’s” voice. I was 7 months pregnant then. I have tried to tell how we celebrated baby shower at that time. Following are the topics which I wanted to highlight while writing this.

Baby shower

  • Invitation
  • Decorations
  • Cakes
  • Wishes
  • Ideas
  • Games
  • Gifts


So, here we begin. (Read this in a baby’s voice).

I’m too excited. Time is flying. Now only two more months to go and we’ll see each other for the first time, Mom. I’m sure, we’ll fall in love after that forever. I so want to be in your arms full of tenderness and sleep soundly in them.

Baby Shower Invitations

Today is the baby shower ceremony. We have invited all our near and dear ones. To the ones staying too far, we rang up. For some we sent personal invitations wherever it was possible to go to their home. Rest were sent invites through whatsapp along with a phone call.

Mom says, We are blessed that everyone turned up to bless us and be a part of our celebrations. So sweet of them and i’m thankful to them too.

Baby Shower Decorations

This place is decorated so beautifully. Flower decoration of the jhoola makes it look so royal. Even the hall is decorated with balloons. There’s this table full of sweets and other food items. The table is covered with satin white cloth. So many different varieties of sweets, namkeen and fruits are there on it. They will use it to feed it to mom during the ceremony.

Mom! This place is so nicely and beautifully decorated. All the things are well managed and the music is lively.

Baby Shower Decoration


Baby Shower Wishes

Wow! the guests has started arriving and congratulating you. They are feeding you sweets. Also they are gifting you a Cloth, Rice and Coconut. Other friends are giving lovely bouquet of flowers. It is considered auspicious. They all seem excited. The atmosphere is full of happiness. I’m loving it. Oh ya! they are right mom,  you’re looking gorgeous and elegant today, like always. Stop blushing now. This olive green color gown makes you look more pretty. and the glow on your face shows how happy you are!

Baby Shower Dress

Baby Shower Cake

How are few people so sure that there’s a baby BOY in your tummy??? I know how YOU wish to have a Baby girl in your life. Mom I know that you never mind few things people say. You know the art of ignoring.

You too are so curious to know whether I’m a girl or a boy. You’re not biased but because you wish to have a girl & wishes has no reason. The Gynae aunt is so humble. She bears you every time on asking her the same question by you. (that is there a baby girl growing inside you?). But her reply is always same – the baby is healthy.

The cake is beautifully made. It looks scrumptious but not more than Magnum truffle (I know you crave for it these days). It has pink and blue color cute shoe straps and footprints on it.

Baby Shower Cake


Baby Shower Games

Ok, so the elderly ladies started with the traditional games. The first one was to know whether I would be a girl or boy. And for knowing so, They’ll put a Barfi and a Laddoo in a plate. These sweets will be covered and Mom was expected to open one out of it. Laddoo represented a boy and Barfi represented a girl.

You wished to pick Barfi and woah, you picked the right one. Your happiness has no limits now. You got excited to play other games as well.

Baby Shower Games


Next game was for papa.So there’s this kit having a doll baby with all the bay’s stuff. It had a diaper, diaper pin, mittens, bib etc. Papa was supposed to put it all on the right place on the doll within the given time limit. It was fun, he did pretty well in it.

The next event was a solo and a group dance by your friends on lovely indian baby shower songs. It seems they really prepared well for it. And I enjoyed dancing too when they made you also dance for a while.


Baby Shower Ideas

Apart from decoration, Games and Dance, The most important thing was still missing – The Food. Well, as the event is arranged in one of the best restaurant in town which is famous for it’s food- Rosewood. Wow, everyone has a good option of food to choose from. And there you go mom, grabbing the two hot gulab jamuns instead of main meal.

Baby Shower Venue


Such a lovely event it was. Baby Shower is surely a great way to celebrate Pregnancy with all your loved ones.


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Umeet Bal
Umeet Bal

So beautifully expressed!!! Just got drifted away in the function!!


Thanks darling fellow mom!!! i’ll be happy to engage you smilingly in my coming experiences also :))

Kamal chandnani
Kamal chandnani

Wow words😊😚beautifully expressed


Thanks a ton Dear : * .i just tried to express what these little wonders might think of us when we enjoy or do things for them or on their name ;P


Jussttt woww… Can totally relate to each line of the post and went on with a smile on my face till the end… Lovely….😘❤


Wow..just loved it all .details and beautifully expressed 💚


Baby Shower Day is a very special day, you just refresh the memory. Your words make us feel like a live!!! Fantastic😇


Such a special day and you put them so beautifully in words! Stay blessed baby!

Sapna Krishnan

Haha, sounds like an experience most of us have gone through. And I love the baby versions.


Me too… Lovely phase of life it is😊