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And tonight,i’ll fall asleep with you in my heart <3


And tonight,i’ll fall asleep with you in my heart <3


Sharing Bed (co-sleeping) and hammock (jhoola) have been the most favored and proven choice for ages in India. The concept of baby sharing bed has been passed over generations to generations. It was also successful because it is believed that baby co-sleeping with a mother is healthy and good for the development for a baby. So other options are more like a day-napping alternative for a baby, as in the night babies usually sleep with their mommies. Baby co-sleeping is still practiced in India, but it is a very personal choice on how you want to develop a sleeping habit to your baby.


A few advises parents not to share a bed with their baby because of the risk of suffocation, even though other experts consider co-sleeping to be beneficial in promoting breastfeeding and bonding.

So I conducted a Survey to check where do most of the mothers stand on this issue?

I would like to highlight some Information on the above topic.

There are many options available when it comes to making a Baby sleep. Amongst those I have listed few here:

1) Co-sleeping



v  The most common reason for bed-sharing is how easy it makes breastfeeding. Bed-sharing babies are more likely to be breastfed and to breastfeed more often than babies who sleep alone.

v  Co-sleeping also allows you to spend more time being close to your baby which can be comforting for both of you.

v  Some parents believe that it may even help you to create a stronger bond with each other.

v  Lying next to your baby means that you’re likely to check on her and touch her more often through the night. So you may notice if she’s unwell more quickly than if she were in a cot.

v  Babies can find it hard to sleep without the closeness of a parent and may cry when they’re in a cot. Co-sleeping can make it easier for you to respond to your baby , settle her more quickly and hopefully get some better quality sleep at the same time


v  Although SIDS is rare, the risk is greatly increased when you co-sleep

v  If your baby gets used to falling asleep next to you, she may have trouble sleeping when you leave her with a relative or babysitter.

v  Making the eventual transition from your bed to her own bed can be a long, drawn-out process.

v  Many parents find the idea of sex in the same bed as their baby, a complete turn-off. One or both of you may resent having to make this kind of compromise.

But there are other ways (and places) to keep your sex life going. 😉

Price– Parental love

Safety– minor (SIDS)

Maintenance– Regular

Accessories needed- Quick dry sheets (for Nappy Leakage)

Other info- Most Preferred sleeping method in India

2) Hammock(jhoola)/rocking cradle(palna)


Some claim that sleeping in a jhoola will help your baby’s head develop a nice, rounded shape as he will not be sleeping on a flat mattress.


v  A cloth hammock (jhoola) holds your baby snugly, as though your baby has been swaddled . This can help to make your baby feel secure.

v  Babies may associate the gentle rocking motion of a jhoola with the movements they felt while nestled in the safety and security of your womb. So the rocking movement can feel reassuring and soothing to your baby, especially during the initial weeks. This is known to sleep in.


v  Your baby could get used to the rocking motion of the jhoola and take longer to adjust to a stationary cot or bed. It’s up to you how to settle your baby to sleep. As your baby grows, you may feel that you need to break the habit before your baby becomes dependent on it to sleep.

v  Like the palna, the jhoola can be used only as long as your baby turns over by himself. Most babies roll over at about three months, but for some babies, it might be earlier than this. Your baby may roll over to his side or stomach while he sleeps and may find it difficult to turn on his back in a jhoola or palna. This can be dangerous or even fatal as your baby’s breathing can get obstructed.

v  Some fabrics may not allow enough circulation of air and might overheat a baby.

v  Strings, cords, ribbons or accessories can pose a strangulation and suffocation risk.
Price-Hammock- A preloved Saree/cloth

Rocking cradle (Palna)-Rs 500 -7000 & above

Safety– Sids(initially) and Babies may fall after they start rolling over.

Maintenance– regular washing (Hammock) and cushions and the whole cradle cleanliness are required.

Accessories needed– Assembly and operating are required.

Other info- still a preferred option in India after Co-sleeping.


3) Cribs And Bassinets


Few recommend that newborns sleep in the same room as the parents, but in a separate sleeping space.

Both cribs and bassinets can be safe sleep choices for a newborn. However, they have several important differences.

Crib  -Pros- it has a Longer lifespan and can be converted to a toddler bed.
Cons -Takes up more space, can be expensive

Pros  – It is Smaller, easier to lean over, and portable
Cons– It has weight limits, and only good for baby’s first few months
Price- Crib- 11000-40, 0000 &more

Bassinet-5000 and above

Safety–  Bassinets/Crib- Sids

Maintenance– mattress/railings

Accessories needed– screws/brackets

Other info- not many people prefer these in India

Personally, I prefer co-sleeping together as a family as it develops strong bonding among the child as well as with both the parents because it’s only during that time the child when grown up, can share stories and the parents can engage in true conversations and true love and bonding develops.

What is your Preference in same and why? Please do share what works or worked well for you?

Have a Peaceful Sleep with your loved one. 😀


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Very well put together and a well- researched write-up. I really appreciated the honest pros and cons!


Yes.i talked to many mommies from different groups and then penned down this one.Thanks 🙂


Thanks for the detailed explanation.


you’re most welcome dear.Hope it helps you.

Princy Khurana

thats a very informative post, specially for moms to be and first time moms. will share this with my new mommy friends


Yes, this is meant for new mommies or to be mommies.Knowing the pros and cons always help to make a wise decision.

Kalyani Balaji

So beautifully penned down. I feel so nostalgic 🙂 I love watching my son sleep.


haha….when my daughter is awake i feel she’s a storm bothering me but when she sleeps,she looks like a precious angel :*


Very nicely penned views. We have never encouraged cosleeping as it’s very dangerous for infants.


Wonderfully expressed views. They are very useful


Thanks Asha.Hope it helps new moms to understand and make a wise decision to buy the one they feel comfortable for her baby.