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A Sports Store that motivated me to focus on my fitness again B)

Until I got the best news of my life that I conceived, I was quite active in sports and my fitness regime. After becoming a mother, my whole focus shifted to my little daughter which was affecting my health. Although I knew, I should do something about it but lacked the motivation for same.

As a new mom, I was concentrating on my kid only and for the same, I went to Decathlon(Bangalore, New Airport road) to buy a new swimwear for her as she’s a water baby and loves swimming same like her mom.

And I got tempted to buy one for me too. Thanks to the vivid variety of every sporting good in the store.and from then, I make sure to wear my new swimwear at least 5 days in a week and my jogging leggings every morning.

And tadaa, I’m happy to be able to follow my fitness regime again. All thanks to the huge store that gives you a lot of options to choose from- be it sportswear or sports goods.

For those who want to be motivated again for their sports passion or to discover their new sport, shall visit the store for’s the information about the store –

DECATHLON-New airport road, Bangalore(Mysore road)

It’s huge and has a stockpile of all goods under one roof.

The well-planned parking, playground, and tidiness of the vast store make you feel roaming in a foreign land.

You also get the option to TRY and BUY.

[wpvideo bq0BC3Fo]

The salesperson are well educated in their field (sports) and helps you in buying the right product for you.they actually make the customer feel like a KING.

Being a mother, this place actually lets you enjoy some ME time too as it has lots of kids friendly activities like kids gym, wall climbing, trampoline, mini golf course and of course the wide variety of sports good which keeps them engaged while you shop.

This place also serves as a good option to spend time with your kids if you don’t want to take them to the mall. we spent good 2-3 hours last weekend.

(My next blog will talk about, How to focus on your health when you’re too occupied with work and childcare)

If you also visit the store, do share which sport good attracted you the most and did the place motivated you to start your fitness regime too.


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