A letter to my Neice on her 2nd Birthday :)


Shona Enaera , Now that you’re turning 2, I wanted to share the feelings i have for you…..

I had penned down these emotions on the day you were born in my heart. While I jumped with the excitement of becoming a Massi,but couldn’t translate my emotions into words.That sight of you sleeping peacefully in my arms, preparing for the the world,you were unaware of, will be a lifetime memory.I experienced those emotions for the second time in my life.

Though i know,how to love unconditionally because of Daiwik,but i just experienced it again for someone who’s not my own child, still matters more than him.I didn’t know this until I met you.

Two years of watching you grow, from that tiny little curled up cotton ball, to this mischievous girl who’s naughtier than Daiwik, and has managed to made me love you as my own daughter and filling up my desire of having a baby girl.

I feel equally responsible for you as i feel for Daiwik.I feel like watching you for hours and listening to your incomplete words in your sweet voice and cute tone.Everytime when I see you, there would be butterflies in my stomach with the excitement to spend quality time with you and Everytime when you leave for, my heart would break down with the pain. I just could not have enough of you.I tried to capture as many special moments spent with you as possible as I know well that these memories are going to mean so much to you years later and I don’t want you to miss anything from the first two years of your life.

I shall be ever grateful to your parents- my sister and brother-in-law for bringing you into this world. I am sure you have not realised this today, and probably not even on the day when you will be reading this letter, how much happiness you have brought in to the lives of the people around you. I don’t remember my family ever being happier than this last one year with you. You should know Enaera, that you are loved dearly and blessed by so many wonderful people. I hope you will always cherish each and every person you meet, because somewhere someone has sent you their blessings and prayers and has a huge role to play in you becoming who you are.

I hope, Enaera, you grow up to be an amazing woman. I know you will. All I want you to remember is to live life on your own terms and not fall in the trap of expectations. Everything you want, everything you need, you shall discover within your own heart, within the depths of your own life when you seek them with the right spirit. And if you ever feel lost, you will always find your Massi beside you. I want to assure you dear, that you can always trust your Massi to be your best friend and share all your secrets with.

You can always count on me for help when you want to overcome your fear of Mathematics(oops,NO,go to mumma only for same) or the very strict teacher at school. You can always count on me for advice when you fall in love for the first time. You can even count on me to have a shoulder to cry on when you have your first heart break. I will be there for you, no matter what.

You must remember Enaera, not to be entrapped into the snare of what is called ‘life and its expectations’. You are the writer of your own story and you must believe that you yourself hold the reigns of your life. A beautiful life awaits you, my love. It might be a roller coaster ride, yes. But the ride is going to be worth it, I promise.

Wishing you a very happy second birthday in advance and blessings for many more years to come.

Massi, jiju and bitbak(daiwik)

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