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Happy Birthday to My Two Year Old Daughter

A letter to my 2 year old daughter

Dearest Enaera,

Happy birthday to my 2 year old daughter. My baby! oh..can I say that to you anymore? because it’s official that you’re two and not a baby any longer.

A part of me cries while writing this letter to you on your birthday that you’re no longer my tiny little squish you used to be, and other is excited for how you’re now and is becoming.

This has been a year of unbelievable change for you. This month I was scrolling up and down some photos from past this year and couldn’t believe how much you’ve changed in terms of growth in last a year.

You were bald who was trying to learn to crawl who turned to a smart toddler who loves to choose her own clothes combinations or are grown from spending 90% of your time in baby wear to an independent girl who can’t sit still for more than a second.

Every day when I look at you, I see a beautiful, smart and wise girl growing in you.

You are unbelievably sincere and loving girl who has a tender compassion that helps people feel loved around you including your soft toys. But there’s another side of you, which I have noticed from last two months which is quite gutsy (push the one who tried to snatch your stuff).

You are bold and courageous. All I would say is, all the best to anyone who messes with you! With your independent overprotective Mumma, you’re able to handle a grown-up kid and no one should give you trouble!

Apart from personal growth that you’ve shown this year, you also learned so much- and you’ve handled it all like a pro! On your last birthday we were in Pune and this year we are in Bangalore. And even when your whole world is changed around you, you’ve carried on: bold, happy and ready to accept any adventure that comes in your way.

And talking of adventures, can you even think what adventures still lie ahead for you?! This third year of life will bring so many new opportunities. Just two months back we started preschool (WHAT?!), potty training (Which means we are officially a diaper-free household), and also few first multi-word conversations, and so much more to come, I just can’t wait!

Life with you is so exciting!

Thinking back on how far you’ve come in two short years, I can’t help but be amazed. It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming you into the world, and yet at the same time, it feels like you’ve always been a part of our lives.

And maybe that’s true. Maybe a piece of my heart has always belonged to you, even before you were born–it just wasn’t until I met you that I knew who that piece belonged to.

Well, Enaera, I am so glad that my heart belongs to you. You bring so much light, laughter, and love to our family, and I still can’t believe that you’re mine.

Happy birthday, baby girl. Two down, and many more to go! Best wishes to my two year old daughter.

Much love,



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