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5 Super Easy Birthday Party Themes for indian Toddlers.

I prefer to keep the event small when it comes to celebrating her birthday as she’s still young to understand and enjoy the concept of big and lavish birthday parties and so do most of the toddlers at this age.



So,I suggest to keep the Birthday party for toddlers, small but fun and comfortable, for both the birthday boy/girl and the little guests too.




I’m talking about organising a party at home only or a nearby restaurant,when i say “A small event”

But you can still make it fun,beautiful and enjoyable with these birthday themes.

#1. Memory wall





Display all the toddler’s pics – Be it cute, funny, embarrasing, along with your family and near and dear one’s pictures, in which toddler should be there.

You can put it later in a family Album.

Guests enjoy more if they see themselves as a part of your family and friends too.

#2. Favourite color theme



If your toddler loves a particular color more than the other colours, then you can choose that colour as the theme.What all you can put as a theme are :

* Everyone shall wear same color dress(Guests, Parents and the Birthday boy/girl).
* The food menu you decide can be in that color too if possible.
* Other decoration can be in the same colour too.

* Like my daughter likes green color so i can keep many food items in same colors like kababs, and other green gravy food.

#3. Favourite cartoon character



Now that the toddler is growing up, you might know his/her favourite cartoon.You may buy decoration items of that cartoon character like

* Background Decor
* Birthday Caps
* Cake

#4. Jungle theme











Most of the kids, i have seen gets fascinated by animals.these animal characters are also easily available along with rented animal dresses.
So apart from the decoration material,one family member can volunteer to act as an animal for sometime or you can hire someone for same.

This will surely be a fun

#5.Balloon decoration with lots of interesting games




If you’re a lazy bum,or a Busy mother like me, who likes to keep it simple and no big fuss.You can use Balloons for get a lot of variety for balloons these days. and kids love balloons.

Even you can play games using Balloons, for the guests to make the event your engaging and fun.

I used the #COLOURTHEME idea for her 1st birthday and it was fun,plus the pictures came out so beautiful

I will be writing about #Birthdaygamesideas next Wednesday.

Till the time ,i would love to know ,How have you celebrated your Toddler’s birthday?

Stay Happy ,Healthy and Safe.

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