Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Hand-foot-mouth disease


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The onset of monsoon or climate change has increased the number of cases of Hand-Foot-mouth Disease.


What is Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease? What are the symptoms, treatments, and precautions?


What Hand Foot Mouth Disease


  • It is spread by the coxsackievirus.

  • Can spread through Direct contact with the infected person (Saliva, stool, respiratory secretions)

Age Group – It affects mostly the age group 1 year to 7 years.


Symptoms Will show up after 4-5 days virus enters the body.


  • Fever & Sore throat – First symptoms followed by

  • A headache

  • Irritability

  • poor appetite

  • painful, red blisters in the mouth

  • Red rash on the hands and soles of the feet.

Increase in Risk

Attending Daycare and schools (can spread quickly if anyone suffers from same)


Treatment :

  • Mostly it’s self-treatable.

  • Will go away in 7-10 days.

  • The doctor may recommend : (To ease symptoms)

  • Ointments to soothe blisters and rashes.

  • Painkiller to relieve a headache

  • Medicated syrups.


Home remedies : (To soothe blisters)

  • Such ice-lollies and ice creams

  • Drink sharbat and cold beverages

Avoid :

  • Citrus fruits

  • Fruit drinks

  • Soda

  • Spicy or salty foods

  • Swish warm salty water many time a day to help relieve the pain of a sore throat or blisters.


Prevention :

  • Good hygiene – wash your hands regularly using hot water and soap.

  • Kindergartens, Preschools and Daycare caretakers should take utmost care while changing diapers and wiping face.they should compulsorily wash hands before touching the other child.

  • Make it compulsory for kids to wash hands after using the

  •       restroom

  •       Before eating

  •        After being out in public toilet

  • Teach kids not to put hands/objects in mouth

  • Disinfect all common area at home every day (put disinfectant in water while mopping).

  • Disinfect toys and other objects on a regular basis.

  • Don’t send your child(if he/she is suffering from the same for two reasons :  It’s contagious and can spread to other kids & also to let him take proper rest. 


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