Year: 2018

Assessment and learning – 7 tips to balance between the two

Do you find it difficult to find a balance between assessing and learning?  Does this happen to you as well

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

  (image source – health hub)     The onset of monsoon or climate change has increased the number of

You don’t look like a mother – A compliment or a stereotype?

One of the famous Instagram influencers –Kamana Gautam (Mother of two adorable kids) was approached by a multinational company to

Working Mothers : 3 Programs every workplace shall provide to you

“Goldman Sachs has become the first company in the UK to pay to transport new mothers’ breast milk home back

My freedom wishlist as a mother

If you’re a mom, who has a different definition of Freedom like me and also feel that your little human

Happy Birthday to My Two Year Old Daughter

Dearest Enaera, Happy birthday to my 2 year old daughter. My baby! oh..can I say that to you anymore? because

One and Two years old Gift guide.

As you know, My not so little babe has her second birthday this month. As a mother, it’s such a

Breastfeeding – Perspective from a mother of an early born child .

This post titled Breastfeeding My Preemie Baby: Not Easy But So Rewarding has been published on Women’s Web as a Featured Post

Birthday Party games Ideas !

Children Party Game ideas So, Little E is turning 2 next month and me being a #Busyworkingmother is struggling to

A letter to my Neice on her 2nd Birthday :)

  Shona Enaera , Now that you’re turning 2, I wanted to share the feelings i have for you….. I