Keep Calm’s a Baby shower day!!

Woohoo …I’m too excited.Time is flying.Tick tock tick tock ..

Now only two more months  to go and we’ll see each other for the first time to fall in love forever.I so want to be in your arms made of tenderness and sleep soundly in them.

Today is the baby shower ceremony wherein our closed ones come together and bless the baby and the mother.So sweet of them and i’m thankful too.BTW i’m already blessed to have you as my mom.

Mom !This place is so nicely and beautifully decorated.all the things are well managed and the music is lively.


Wow! the guests has started arriving and congratulating you .The atmosphere is full of happiness.i’m loving it.oh ya!they are right mom! you’re looking gorgeous and elegant today ,like always.Stop blushing now(Nazar na lage)




How are few people so sure that there’s a baby BOY in your tummy???i know how YOU wish to have a Baby girl in your life.Mom i know that you never mind few things people say and you don’t like.start practicing to turn a deaf ear to the unsolicited advice because all babies are different and we don’t come with a manual.

You too are so curious to know whether i’m a girl or  a boy not because you’re biased but because you wish to have a girl & wishes has no reason.the Gynae aunty is so humble and bears you as you keep on asking her the same question everytime (that is there a baby girl growing inside you?) whenever you visit her and she replies the same thing that the baby is healthy(Respect)

oh this Music ….seems like the celebrations has started.HAHAHA…These aunties think they can know my gender by playing this quiz.fine mom! as you can see two bowls and you have been asked to pick one randomly then let me help you.please pick the left one having Barfi in it .(Barfi means girl and laddoo means BOY).There you’re happy to get what you wished for in the game too.i’m happy that you enjoyed the game.lots of love :*



Mom we’re blessed that so many people have come to bless us .May god keep them all Happy and smiling always.

Music is changed again and this time you’re moving too.sounds your beautiful friends performed the dance so well.that was definately a superb performance.they made the celebrations more lively.


look !they have got a game too for Papa.he’s expected to arrange the chores in sequence when a baby poops.(from cleaning to diaper change).it’s fun.Papa did it like a pro.well done Papa.Proud of now you’re supposed to sing a song for him mom.aahaaa…this sang it so melodiously.

See…there comes Maasi and Daiwik bhaiya with the yum cake in her hand .Daiwik bhaiya seems so excited.The cake is beautifully looks scrumptious but not more than Magnum truffle(i know you crave for it these days).

Mom i’m starving now , so let’s have many options to choose from .take small portion of each kind.Great,the food is tasty but don’t overeat mom as we need to have minimum of two hot juicy gulabjamuns too  😉

Fine.everybody’s leaving now and we too had a fun day but you look lil should take some rest mom.

oh ya..i need to tell you few details of the function which you may use in case if you need:

Venue -Rosewood Hotel, Dange Chowk,Pune

Food :- vegetarian (delicious)

Service :-excellent

Staff – cooperative and courteous

Price- nominal

Ambience- clean and lively


BTW mom and papa had been to this place many a times before also in their dating period ;D

God bless and be safe ,happy and healthy always 🙂

Hey thanks for Commenting.I'm happy to see you here.

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Umeet Bal
Umeet Bal

So beautifully expressed!!! Just got drifted away in the function!!


Thanks darling fellow mom!!! i’ll be happy to engage you smilingly in my coming experiences also :))

Kamal chandnani
Kamal chandnani

Wow words😊😚beautifully expressed


Thanks a ton Dear : * .i just tried to express what these little wonders might think of us when we enjoy or do things for them or on their name ;P


Jussttt woww… Can totally relate to each line of the post and went on with a smile on my face till the end… Lovely….😘❤


Wow..just loved it all .details and beautifully expressed 💚


Baby Shower Day is a very special day, you just refresh the memory. Your words make us feel like a live!!! Fantastic😇


Such a special day and you put them so beautifully in words! Stay blessed baby!

Sapna Krishnan

Haha, sounds like an experience most of us have gone through. And I love the baby versions.


Me too… Lovely phase of life it is😊


My first trip to the city beautiful :)

Satsriakal!! It's my Nanu's retirement celebration and i'm just 16 weeks young,lazing around in my mom's tummy.Everyone is so excited…