Tables 2 to 20 – Multiplication Tables

The mathematical topics which are taught in elementary school and the later also consider tables 2 to 20 as a base. The tables from 2 to 20 serve as a foundation for students to learn other mathematical skills. Multiplication tables 1 to 10 or 1 to 100 are used while performing other mathematical operations too. It is advisable to properly memorize these maths tables to make calculations easier in everyday life. Learning these tables can also be one of the ways to keep your kid engaged and away from the screen. You can play quiz and puzzles on the same with them rather then they watching some video for long.

Tables 2 to 20

1 to 10 Table 

Students are advised not to rely on calculators to calculate basic maths. The basic tables like a table from 1 to 10 or 2 to 20 shall be on the tips of the student. These tables not only helps in solving maths in class but also in everyday life.

Table from 11 to 20

To learn the tables after10, i.e tables from 11 to 20, you are supposed to learn previous tables first. You should do it in such a way that you are able to recall the tables immediately you see the numbers to be multiplied. 

Tables from 12 to 20

Now that you have learnt the tables from 1 to 11, you can start learning the rest of the tables from 12 to 20. To confirm whether you know the right table answers, you can take a quiz. If you realize you need more practice, you can always go back to the multiplication chart.

Tables from 13 to 20

If you master the tables from 13 to 20, you’ll surely be able to excel in all maths topics. It would be easier for you to do the calculations if you by heart these. In the same way, you can learn other tables too.

Tables from 15 to 20

Tables from 15 to 20 are the most crucial multiplication tables. When you learn these, you can also learn tables from 1 to 100 too. In short, Learning mathematical topics using the tables will always help in solving the sums easily and quick. There are many ways to teach maths tables to kids. whatever way you follow, just make sure you enjoy it and remember all the tables.

Me time-A secret to my happiness.

I’ve always been a fan of having some or Shall I say a lot of “ME TIME” as it lets me be ME.

imagewith quote. love yourself

And being who you are is utmost important to be in alignment with our values and beliefs and also to build courage and maintain our own identity.

I believe there’s no women who don’t like having some time for their own out of their busy schedules. Still if you don’t agree to it, you probably are getting your own Time. Lucky you!

But yes there’s many who would like to know HOW to get or take some time out for themselves? Because there can be a lot of pressure from the outside world which tries to influence who you are and what shall you give priority to.

This pressure increases manifold especially when you’re a woman and Motherhood add on more to it.

ME time is enjoying some quality time with yourself.

The main reason why we women don’t get our “me time” is because we play a lot of roles together of being a wife, mother, Daughter-in-law, leader. We just run around all day to accomplish the  basic requirements and luxuries and adjusting in all directions.

And we don’t realize but we get exposed to depression, low self confidence, anxiety and the main reason is Stress.

Like, I met one of my friend that day who has a 2-year-old daughter. She’s a SAHM. She was working as an international air hostess before welcoming her little angel in this world. While she was discussing her present life and issues related to it, I realized the main issue is that she needs her own time. she didn’t get or take any time “Me time” from the last two years. She hasn’t been out for a movie, she waits for months before she visits parlor as she doesn’t take care of herself thinking she doesn’t have to go out anywhere. She herself doesn’t remember when did she last spent a little time for herself.

I could so relate to her as I was same till my daughter turned one but fortunately I figured it soon and started working on it and now I’m my FIRST priority.

Sometimes you have to break from the grind, clear your mind and enjoy some “ME” time.

The first question we should ask ourselves is “Who’s stopping us?”

Ladies! It’s alright to keep the baby with dad or someone close for few hours or a day and go out.

  • In the meantime, you can go to parlor, shopping, restaurant or just to meet an old friend(self invite yourself :D).
  • If you don’t feel like cooking- Order on Zomato or swiggy.(There are plenty of options available out there).
  • Schedule your day in accordance with the schedules of other family members in house. Remember you must HAVE a schedule for yourself instead of randomly doing everything everytime and still feeling overwhelmed.
  • Let’s say if your husband leaves by 8 am in the morning, you can go to yoga by 6 am(it’s just an example). Prepare the food a night before or at least the ingredients so that you can save some time in the morning for your morning routine.
  • Join weekend hobby classes for your own. you can even start teaching something to kids around if you’re on career break and have no plans to join back.

Self Care is essential for happiness and it can be done in many different ways.

You might need to explore what works for you but surely you should figure it out before it gets too late to get habituated to being someone but YOU.

Just fall in love with yourself again and everyday my darling!

What is the one thing which stops you from getting your “ME time”? What do you do or would like to do in your “ME” time? and if you’re the lucky one who’s already getting some “ME” time, then what do you do in that time? Let’s share ideas with each other to know how it helps you to be YOU…

Assessment and learning – 7 tips to balance between the two

Do you find it difficult to find a balance between assessing and learning? 

Does this happen to you as well that when you set time aside for assessment, you’re left with less time for instructions?


But, you also value that to improve teaching and learning, Assessment insights can be critical. Being intentional and purposeful with assessments is just as important as being intentional with formative instruction. If we’re not intentional and purposeful, we’re “weighing the cows more than we’re feeding the cows.”

Testing vs Assessment



The use of online assessment tools is giving teachers a more fine-grained understanding of individual student’s skills, and assisting them to determine the necessary next steps to enable them to achieve their own learning goals. We are seeing more effective differentiation in the classroom as a result.Susan Mann


When you start letting assessments guide your teaching is when your students become successful!


So, What’s the key to find the right balance between them?

Teacher balancing books

You can go through this list of a few interesting questions to keep in mind whenever you think you need to assess your students, to keep a right balance between them :

  • What’s the specific aim I have that would be answered by this assessment?

* Whatever purpose you’ve for the assessment, its effectiveness shall be judged by the extent it would help the student learn and improve its performance and not just to audit.

* It should provide important and most useful information.

  • How will or will the answers guide to improve on my teaching and student’s learning?

* Identify their areas of strength and weaknesses in the subject matter.

* Prepare them for the standard based statewide achievement tests.

* It should help you as a teacher plan an effective and targeted instruction in the content standards(academic).

* It should help you to tailor instructions and curriculum directly to individual student needs.

* It should not be an add-on to yourself but shall facilitate your work.


  • Is there any online learning tool that helps in connecting the instructions and curriculum to my Assessment?

* There are many online learning tools which help to combat the tight budgets and teacher shortages and also offers a range of programs.

* It can be customized to fit each student’s or teacher’s need. Here, you can draw upon your expertise and experience in what to teach and how to teach it.


  • To make plans on the assessment data, do I have sufficient time to meet the team?

* Well it’s true that You shall not make plans in isolation.

* Encourage other teaching staff to work collaboratively in deciding on the type of assessments and time of assessments.

* Ask them also to bounce off ideas, learn from each other and develop their assessment skills.

* But you shall also plan it timely as it should not consume the actual assessment conducting time.


  • To make the assessment appropriate for the grade, will I be able to make changes in instructions or content?

* If you’re using online assessment tools, The most important question you shall ask shall be –

* Can I add-on or minus the relevant or irrelevant content from the available assessment?

* The online learning tools must have this feature..


  • Shall I spend more time on practice or instructions than on assessment?

* This is something you must research before conducting an assessment as the former only can give better results for the latter and the latter only can answer whether to focus on former.

* The online learning tool you choose shall have both practice and assessment content.


  • To get more time for teaching and learning, could I get a shorter assessment to save time?

* If you have an answer to the previous question, then you can actually look for a shorter assessment to save time for more practice and instructions.


       Believe us, you know your students best, so only you can decide and while deciding, you can ask these questions to yourself as a teacher?


  • Which assessment would be the best for their needs.
  • What would be the right timings?
  • What shall be the frequency for that assessment?
  • And the most important one, Only you can find the right balance.


     I hope, this blog helps you find your best assessment and learning progression and also to decide when and how to use the best resources.

Hand Foot Mouth Disease

Hand-foot-mouth disease


(image source – health hub)



The onset of monsoon or climate change has increased the number of cases of Hand-Foot-mouth Disease.


What is Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease? What are the symptoms, treatments, and precautions?


What Hand Foot Mouth Disease


  • It is spread by the coxsackievirus.

  • Can spread through Direct contact with the infected person (Saliva, stool, respiratory secretions)

Age Group – It affects mostly the age group 1 year to 7 years.


Symptoms Will show up after 4-5 days virus enters the body.


  • Fever & Sore throat – First symptoms followed by

  • A headache

  • Irritability

  • poor appetite

  • painful, red blisters in the mouth

  • Red rash on the hands and soles of the feet.

Increase in Risk

Attending Daycare and schools (can spread quickly if anyone suffers from same)


Treatment :

  • Mostly it’s self-treatable.

  • Will go away in 7-10 days.

  • The doctor may recommend : (To ease symptoms)

  • Ointments to soothe blisters and rashes.

  • Painkiller to relieve a headache

  • Medicated syrups.


Home remedies : (To soothe blisters)

  • Such ice-lollies and ice creams

  • Drink sharbat and cold beverages

Avoid :

  • Citrus fruits

  • Fruit drinks

  • Soda

  • Spicy or salty foods

  • Swish warm salty water many time a day to help relieve the pain of a sore throat or blisters.


Prevention :

  • Good hygiene – wash your hands regularly using hot water and soap.

  • Kindergartens, Preschools and Daycare caretakers should take utmost care while changing diapers and wiping face.they should compulsorily wash hands before touching the other child.

  • Make it compulsory for kids to wash hands after using the

  •       restroom

  •       Before eating

  •        After being out in public toilet

  • Teach kids not to put hands/objects in mouth

  • Disinfect all common area at home every day (put disinfectant in water while mopping).

  • Disinfect toys and other objects on a regular basis.

  • Don’t send your child(if he/she is suffering from the same for two reasons :  It’s contagious and can spread to other kids & also to let him take proper rest. 


You don’t look like a mother – A compliment or a stereotype?

One of the famous Instagram influencers –Kamana Gautam (Mother of two adorable kids) was approached by a multinational company to become an influencer for its beauty brand. She rejected it on the basis of the content they use to sell their product i.e “You don’t look like a mom”.

Kamana Gautam

Acc to her: “Showing that Ageing is bad and Mother/Woman shall look younger than her age by reversing the ageing process to get acclaim and get noticed. She also says that it means objectifying a mother’s body by portraying that she shall look fresh or glowy or slim etc. This also puts pressure on mothers mind to look in a certain way.Mothers(Women) comes in different shapes and sizes. There are days when they look tired with dark circles under their eyes and whatnot, and other days – are full of energy. if it was just tv before – now we have social media platforms which shapes thoughts of people.people get influence from others.

She wants to spread a message that “Next time if someone compliments you that  “you don’t look like a mother” don’t say thank you and don’t take it as a compliment and instead of saying thank you rather teach them that they are stereotyping.”

Well, I totally agree with what she said and realised that people do it quite often with me I would ask you too about the same :

How often you, as a mother have heard of the following?

~ Who’s the baby?

~ Are you her elder sister?

~ oh ! you don’t look like a mother!

~ You’re a santoor mom

Image of an indian mother who looks like a mother only

So, if you take those as compliments especially “you don’t look like a mom” then you unknowingly are becoming a part of the body-shaming and stereotyping group. We as mothers/women need to tell the world to go beyond physical appearance and looks. This way we’ll help our fellow mothers and women to look less burdened to look in a certain way. being a mother is a compliment in itself.

She faces lots of psychological or physical ups and downs before she is able to accept her after delivery body. So, saying the things that just make her uncomfortable about her body is not going to help. Sometimes, You might comment innocently on her body, weight or lifestyle, thinking that they’ll get motivated or they want o get those words of wisdom.

But by doing so, you’re subjecting her to body shaming. You shouldn’t do it even naively by asking questions like:

Are you following any diet, You don’t look like a mom?

NO, You’re not supposed to use this for both – like a compliment or as a comment. If you think she’s binge eating and that’s making her look big and putting on weight post delivery and you should make her realize that overeating is bad, so sorry but we mothers don’t want to listen either.

You might not know that she’s not even getting time to properly have her meals on time. She might or might not be happy with the things at present and you’re making it even worse by asking so.The least you can do is stop asking her about her diet.

Have you gained any weight?

Gaining weight during pregnancy is not a choice, a baby gets its nutrients from what a mother eats. Even doctors recommend healthy weight gain is around 10 -15 kg and that too gradually till nine months and also depends on person to person, some put on a little fast than others and getting rid of it shall also be a gradual process for which there shouldn’t be any time limit by peo[ple or media.

If you think whatever we see in the reel is real then please wake up. Fitness goals by actors or models in the media aren’t easy to survive as they have their own lifestyle and routine. We have different work commitments than theirs like managing babies, kids, house, a job. These reel people set up some unrealistic expectations that the society thinks should be attainable for all.

How can you help?

Stop your unsolicited advice.

Trust me, most mothers get along well with their new body post pregnancy and reinvent themselves. But it takes time. So what best you shall do is to lend a helping hand, smile and talk anything but words of wisdom about burning fat, removing stretchmarks or looking lean like before or celebrities.

and Remember we Mothers are proud to be the mother and it’s a blessing. So next time avoid complimenting a mother by saying ” You don’t look like a mother”.

Am I asking for something unachievable? Can we women support each other by avoiding topics which ultimately lands on Body-shaming?

Do you face such circumstances quite often as in the link? Click here

I would love to know your take on this. So please do share your thoughts about the same.