HI, I’m Preeti Bhardwaj, who’s just another working mom who’s trying to make a balance between her family, Career, and interests.

Sometimes, I just feel like doing nothing and take a break but then, my daughter reminds me that I’m a Mom…phew!

Playing the role of a Woman, Wife, Mother, and Boss altogether, can sound too much sometimes.


But, Now I have figured out, how to handle it like a PRO (Not always ) and that’s what I share with you all, through my blogs.

You will find me sharing all my Experiences with you, Be it Parenting tips(From newborn to Preschoolers), Working mom’s life, Reviews, Health and Lifestyle, and anything and everything related to Motherhood and womanhood.

So, Just Grab your Coffee and read out our similar journey, where I keep hopping to one role to another and sometimes doing them altogether.


And haan, Please share your experiences with me  Pakka se via comments or any way you like, as I would love to meet the other Superwomen!

(Bear Hugs to you… Super Mummy)

Do drop your details, so that we moms need a super network to thrive at work and home.

Hey thanks for Commenting.I'm happy to see you here.

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